Your Printer Doesn't Fulfill All Your Needs 


  • As time passes and the latest technology arrives, your business needs also change. The fact is you are in a world that evolves continuously, and you have to change with it to make your position firm.
  • If your printer is no longer able to meet your requirements, you might need to change it. It will reduce employee frustration, and that will surely improve productivity. You will save more than you spend.           


The Printer Has Become Slow 

  • An average printer can get 1-50 copies per minute. More advanced ones have better capabilities. If your printer seems slow, it definitely needs to be replaced. 


The Prints Are Of Bad Quality 

  • If the prints are faded or there is actually no print, don't blame it every time on the ink. You might have felt that you changed the toner a few days back, but the copies are still degraded.
  • An old printer starts printing low-quality paper, and that's when you need an upgrade. You might blame it on low ink supply, but when the going heads are perfectly fine, it's the printer that has retired.


Printing Costs Has Increased

  • Not only the printers are expensive, but  OEM ink and Toner Cartridges also cost a lot. An old printer will use excessive ink. Also, the repairing charges will increase your printer costs to a great extent.
  • So, if your printing costs have gone out of budget in recent days, you need to give your printer an upgrade.