Compatible Printer Consumables such as Ink Cartridges , Toner Cartridges, Drum Units, Printheads, Ribbon Cartridges etc. are  being more readily accepted by the consumer now as the quality of these consumables are   steadily improving in recent years. 

For many years the quality  of the  compatible consumables    was less than satisfactory. However, In the last few years due to the competition between the cartridge manufacturers the quality of the products are  improving steadily.

From the consumer point of view,  we can check some of the advantages of using Compatible cartridges.

Compatible  cartridges:

Price – price this is the most  common advantage.  Generic cartridges are on average between 40 – 200% cheaper than the equivalent branded Genuine Printer Cartridge.

Yield – most of the compatible cartridges prints  equivalent to genuine ones. It is not unusual for a compatible to contain up to 2 times or more with X or XL versions.  

Quality   – A good quality compatible  product produces similar quality  prints   as do the more expensive genuine.  


Printer Warranties 

My printer warranty will be void if I use generic cartridges. This is  complete false.   Printer manufacturers cannot void your printer warranty simply  because you use compatible cartridges. Since 2002 we have been selling compatible  cartridges and we know for a fact that they do not cause any adverse effects which would cause a printer to fail.

No doubt there are many compatible inks out there which could harm your printer due to the very low grade raw materials used and also the poor molding of the actual cartridge itself.  

Will Compatible Cartridges   damage my printer 

This is   not true. In many years of selling Compatible  Cartridges we have never had a single case of a compatible causing a printer to breakdown.  

Generic Printer Cartridges

Due to the  current situation  and the high cost of genuine printer   cartridges we believe that  compatible printer consumables will   become more and more popular. 

Further the quality of aftermarket consumables are becoming more appealing . So the generic versions  are here to stay, thus a huge saving for consumers.

Now the Big players such as HP, Canon etc   have been releasing regular firmware updates which stop the generic cartridges from being recognized once the update is installed.

If you have a latest model  printer make sure that you turn off the software /firmware updates otherwise your compatible cartridges may no longer be recognized by your printer. The same tactic has been used by all major Printer Manufacturers.  However the manufacturers of compatible  cartridges always find a way around these issues by releasing new cartridges with updated microchips which are compatible with the new firmware updates.


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