Triumph-Adler Printer Consumables for below models available.

Pls drop an e-mail to get the quote and availability.


Machine Model Toner Code
Triumph Adler 1855 CK-4510
Triumph Adler 256i Copy kit 256i/306i/DC 6025P/6025/6030
Triumph Adler 2540iMFP CK-4520
Triumph Adler 3060i/3061i COPYKIT CK-7510 for 3060i/3061i
Triumph Adler 3262iMFP CK-7512
Triumph Adler 4062iMFP CK-7513
Triumph Adler 4056i/5056i CK-7514
Triumph Adler 3555i/4555i COPYKIT for 3555i/4555i,5555i/DC 2435‐2455
Triumph Adler 206ci Copy kit black 206ci/256ci/DCC 6520/6525
Copy kit Cyan 206ci/256ci/DCC 6520/6525
Copy kit Magenta 206ci/256ci/DCC 6520/6525
Copy kit Yellow 206ci/256ci/DCC 6520/6525
Triumph Adler 2506ci/2507ci CK-8511K Copy Kit Black
CK-8511C Copy Kit Cyan
CK-8511M Copy Kit Magenta
CK-8511Y Copy Kit Yellow
Triumph Adler 2500ci CK-8510K Copy Kit Black
CK-8510C Copy Kit Cyan
CK-8510M Copy Kit Magenta
CK-8510Y Copy Kit Yellow
Triumph Adler 3005ci/3505ci Copy kit Black 3005ci/3505ci/DCC 2930/2935
Copy kit Cyan 3005ci/3505ci/DCC 2930/2935
Copy kit Magenta 3005ci/3505ci/DCC 2930/2935
Copy kit Yellow 3005ci/3505ci/DCC 2930/2935
Triumph Adler 3206ci/3207ci CK-8512K Copy Kit Black
CK-8512C Copy Kit Cyan
CK-8512M Copy Kit Magenta
CK-8512Y Copy Kit Yellow
Triumph Adler 4006ci/4007ci CK-8513K Copy Kit Black
CK-8513C Copy Kit Cyan
CK-8513M Copy Kit Magenta
CK-8513Y Copy Kit Yellow
Triumph Adler 5006ci/5007ci CK-8514K Copy Kit Black
CK-8514C Copy Kit Cyan
CK-8514M Copy Kit Magenta
CK-8514Y Copy Kit Yellow