Remanufactured cartridges  are just like new cartridges, but as their name suggests they have been reconditioned or recycled, i.e. unlike a new cartridge, they have a second life!

Genuine empty cartridges after use are collected, cleaned, refilled with ink or powder, and tested in order to get back on the market.

The term remanufactured is thus used, because in some cases, parts such as: the print head, inkjet chips or laser drum are replaced. Unlike the second-hand market where the product is simply cleaned for reuse.

To ensure that they are of the same or comparable quality as the original cartridges, manufacturers are compliant with the same standards as the original manufacturers.

In terms of cartridge autonomy; i.e. the volume of pages printed with a cartridge, practices differ from one manufacturer to another but most often inkjet cartridges comply with ISO/IEC 24711/12 standards for monochrome and colour printing. ISO tests are used as a reference to ensure optimal performance, a number of printed pages until the ink on the cartridge is exhausted.

For laser cartridges, the principle is the same except that unlike ink, powder will be introduced into the toner container. The cartridge will also comply with ISO standards; ISO/IEC 19798 for colour and ISO/IEC 19752 for monochrome to validate the autonomy.


Advantages of remanufactured cartridges?



There is less risk of incompatibility with remanufactured or reconditioned cartridges, as the cartridge is the same as the one provided by the printer manufacturer. The difference compared to the original cartridge will be in the ink or powder, as for new compatible ones, compliance with ISO standards will ensure you an identical autonomy to the original. The "remanufactured" precision will be indicated on the packaging.

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Respect for the environment  

Remanufactured cartridges, unlike new, are environmentally friendly compatible cartridges because an empty cartridge has been reused for remanufactured cartridges and the cartridge will be used several times. This is in line with the principle of the circular economy, which the purpose is to reuse the product rather to produce new one, in order to reduce waste and the waste of raw materials.


Convenience for remanufactured cartridges

Remanufactured cartridges, like the original ones, have this practical side, that you know them and are easy to use, unlike the rechargeable cartridge which will require additional handling.



Remanufactured cartridges are  an average 40%  to 70% less than the original ones and have an optimized ink and powder capacity. The autonomy of remanufactured compatible cartridges is greater or equal to the original branded cartridges: remanufactured cartridges allow you to print more pages at a lower cost!


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