Understand the advantages of  a laser printer rather than an inkjet printer. 

 Here are some of the advantages:

  • A laser printer requires no ink. Laser printers use toner, which is plastic and iron particles which melt to the paper with special heated rollers called a fuser unit. No ink means nothing to "dry up". With a laser printer, you can take that vacation knowing that you will have a working printer when you get back. You won't need a new set of cartridges when you come back because they dried up during your absence.
  • Laser printers are far cheaper to operate. It is a well known fact that vendors give inkjet printers away knowing that they will make lots of money on the ink. Laser printers may cost more up front, but the cost per page is as little as a tenth of what it is for inkjet printers.
  • Laser printers offer waterproof printing. Ever had the ink smear when it got wet? Doesn't happen with a laser printer - plastic is melted to the sheet and is completely water-proof.
  • Print quality is better. You can "feel" and see the difference. Laser printers are the standard for professionally printed letters. Ever notice how nice that letter is that you got from your doctor or lawyer's office? It was printed on a laser printer. You can really feel the difference.


Be aware that the consumables (toner) for the laser printer last a long, long time. 


It is common to be able to print several hundred sheets on a single toner cartridge. The bigger the model of printer, the more you can print per cartridge and lower cost per page. Average laser printers cost around  5 to 10 Fills  per page


Be price savvy. 

Laser printers can offer outstanding color at reasonable prices. Color laser printers are widely available to the masses for as little as AED600 onwards. Expect to have a larger printer than the inkjet, but the benefits are well worth it.

Expect reliability. 

Laser printers tend to be far more reliable. Many laser printers are rated for 10,000 pages a month or more! Laser printers are legendary for their service life. Some people have had experience of Laserjets that are still working fine after 10 years of daily use.